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Dr Riccardo Welters

Riccardo Welters

Name: Riccardo Welters
Qualifications: Phd(Maastricht)
Position: Research Associate
Telephone: n/a
Room Number: contact via E-mail
Affiliation: CofFEE

E-mail: Riccardo.Welters@jcu.edu.au

Other Details:

Riccardo obtained his masters degree from Maastricht University, the Netherlands. In May 2005 he received his Ph.D. from Maastricht University titled ‘Efficiency of Employment Subsidies and Firms’ Recruitment Strategies’. After a 3 year period as a CofFEE post-doctoral fellow, Riccardo is now teaching and researching at James Cook University in Townsville. His research interest is in long-term unemployment, firm recruitment behaviour towards disadvantaged on the labour market and spatial econometrics applied to regional labour markets.

Research Interests:

Long-term unemployment, active labour market programs.

Recent Publications:

Work in progress

Sanders, M. and R. Welters (2006), Recruitment in Recovery

Welters, R. and J. Muysken (2006), Employment Subsidies and Tightness.

Kriechel, B. and R. Welters (2006), Career Patterns of Long-term Unemployed.

Welters, R. and J. Muysken (2006), Privatising Employment Subsidy Schemes: the Philips Employment Scheme

Working Papers

Welters, R. and J. Muysken (2005), Employer Search and Training Subsidies, CofFEE Europe Working Paper Nr: 07-05. (Submitted to Oxford Economic Papers)

Welters, R. and J. Muysken (2005), Inferring Employer Search Behavior from Wage Subsidy Participation, CofFEE Europe Working Paper Nr: 06-05 (Submitted to Economic Inquiry)

Mitchell, B., J. Muysken and R. Welters (2005), Search behaviour and the casualties of the (dual) labour market, CofFEE Australia Working Paper Nr: 05-15.

Journal publication

Welters, R. and J. Muysken (2006), Employment search and Employment Subsidies, Applied Economics, forthcoming.

Welters, R. (2005), Efficiency of Employment Subisidies and Firms’ Recruitment Behaviour, Dissertation, Maastricht University, Maastricht.

Welters, R. (2005), Proefschrift over slimme loonkostensubsidies, Uitzendwerk, Vol. 12 (1), pp. 5.

Welters, R. (2004), Zoekgedrag werkgevers bepaalt effectiviteit loonkostensubsidies, Economisch Statistische Berichten, vol. 89 (4440), pp. 386-389.

Welters, R. (2001), Lat Melkertbanen lag te laag, Economisch Statistische Berichten, vol. 86 (4322), pp. 673-674.

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Van Opstal, R., H. Roodenburg and R. Welters (1998), Low skilled jobs through job creation and wage subsidies, CPB Report, 98/2, pp. 32-35.

Welters, R. (1998), De effectiviteit van het Nederlandse actieve arbeidsmarktbeleid, Maandschrift Economie, Vol. 62, pp. 257-272.

Book (contributions)

Welters, R. and J. Muysken (2005), Employer Search and Training/Wage Subsidies; in: I. Nicaise, Best practice in the evaluation of labour market programmes for vulnerable groups, Chapter 2, HIVA, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Leuven.

Müller, W., H. Brauns, T. Couppié, M. Gangl, M. Mansuy, R. Welters and M. Wolbers (1999), A comparative analysis of transitions from education to work in Europe – based on the European Community Labour Force Survey, Mannheim, Maastricht, Marseille: MZES, ROA, CEREQ.

Velden, R. van der, R. Welters and M. Wolbers (2001), The Integration of Young People into the Labour Market within the European Union; the Role of Institutional Settings, ROA-R-2001/7E, ISBN 90-5321-319-8.

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Welters, R., E. Willems and M. Wolbers (1999), De positie van de overheid als werkgever op de arbeidsmarkt voor schoolverlaters, Den Haag: Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations.

Delmee, J., A. de Grip and R. Welters (1998), De Arbeidsmarkt van de Kwartaire Sector in een Globaliserende Omgeving, OSA-werkdocument, W159, Den Haag.

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