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Welcome to the on-line resources support page for Modern Monetary Macroeconomics, an introductory macroeconomics text-book written by William Mitchell and Randy Wray. For more details about the book see the text-book link.

How to use this site

While anarchy is a valid strategy to knowledge acquisition, those who desire a more guided (systematic) approach to accessing the learning resources available on this site might be advised as follows:

  • The material on this site is broken into Chapters.
  • You can view the outline of the content of the Text Book to familiarise yourself with how the material will be presented and to compare it with a standard macroeconomics text book.
Each of the chapter homepages presents:
  • Essential Learning Tools
  • Self-assessment quizzes
  • Slideshow presentations
  • Multimedia presentations (films, audio etc)
  • Access to policy notes which show interesting and topical applications of the conceptual material being presented
  • Quantitative exercises to develop your numerical reasoning
  • Further readings to extend your knowledge
  • Each step of the way the learning environment builds on the conceptual material that you have previously covered and extends your analytical reasoning skills and applications.
  • You can also use the Help Line either to discuss the materials with other interested users or tune into one of the scheduled discussions with the authors, Professor Bill Mitchell and Professor Randy Wray. You can also use the Contact Page to book a time with the authors for an on-line discussion.

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