Notice to University of Newcastle (Australia) students

Please use the following instructions to access a digital copy of the Textbook, while you are waiting for Amazon to post your purchased copy.

1. Purchase the book

You can purchase the book at any one of the following stores: ($US60). (£42.00).

Amazon Europe Portal (€58.85).

Create Space Portal ($US60).

2. Capture your purchase receipt as an image

When you get your purchase receipt from Amazon or the Create Space Portal, take a snapshot of it with your phone or screen capture commands on your computer.

Send the receipt image in to access download code

Once you have taken a snapshot of the purchase receipt for the book, please send it to Professor Martin Watts ( by E-mail with the Subject Header - Student Purchase Receipt - and he will send you a download code by return E-mail.

This download link will expire within 24 hours and/or upon access. It cannot be shared. Each student will be given a unique code upon presentation of their purchase receipt.

Alternatively, you can take your purchase receipt to Professor Martin Watts in person should you prefer to do that.

Audit process

The teaching staff in ECON1002 Macroeconomics in the Global Economy will audit the purchases and downloads to ensure students are not violating the authors' copyright rights by copying and sharing the digital version.

The digital access will be terminated by the end of July 2016 once students have had a chance to purchase and receive the printed version of the book from the supplier.

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