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The first edition of - Modern Monetary Theory and Practice: an Introductory Text - was published on March 10, 2016.

It is available for purchase at:

1. Amazon.com ($US60).

2. Amazon.co.uk (£42.00).

3. Amazon Europe Portal (€58.85).

4. Create Space Portal ($US60).

A Kindle version will be available in the week beginning March 28, 2016.

Note: We are soon to finalise a sister edition, which will cover both the introductory and intermediate years of university-level macroeconomics (first and second years of study).

The sister edition will contain an additional 10 Chapters and include a lot more advanced material as well as the same material presented in this Introductory text.

We expect the expanded version to be available around June or July 2016.

So when considering whether you want to purchase this book you might want to consider how much knowledge you desire. The current book, released today, covers a very detailed introductory macroeconomics course based on MMT.

It will provide a very thorough grounding for anyone who desires a comprehensive introduction to the field of study.

The next expanded edition will introduce advanced topics and more detailed analysis of the topics already presented in the introductory book.

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